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February 14, 2013
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(h/c) = hair colour
(e/c) = eye colour
_____ = your name

Silver was an insomniac and he knew it quite well. His lack of ability to sleep came from his fear of dreaming or rather what his dreams brang. He didn't want anyone to worry about him and his lack of sleep; even as the dark circles formed under his eyes from days without a wink of sleep. The red-head sighed and sat down in the snow, not caring at how cold his body was or the night breeze that hit his face like knives. He did this every night despite what people said or told him. More importantly he knew that if he stayed in the room once again and refused to sleep, _____ would come in and insist to stay with him until he fell asleep; even though she knew very well that she would fall asleep first. Silver didn't mind the (h/c)-haired girl's company; in fact he sort of enjoyed it as he would keep on telling himself. Yes, the girl was hyper one second and completely silent the next but he liked the variety of emotions that _____ showed; something he thought- no he knew- he couldn't do anymore. His grey eyes watched as the snow danced around in the air and landed either on his face, body or around him; instantly melting on contact. No matter how hard he tried he could never bring himself to close his eyes and sleep even now when he felt like he couldn't move from the spot.

"Damn sleep." He hissed under his breath, mentally hitting himself because of the barrier keeping him from what he needed most. Hearing a light chuckle above him, the red head looked up to see the girl he didn't really mind.

"Hey, Silv!" _____ started, jumping down from the branch on the tree and landing next to Silver. The grey-eyed boy half glared and half smiled at the (h/c)-haired girl, feeling slightly annoyed at the fact that _____ had just broken the peaceful night.

"_____...What are you doing here?" He asked, watching as the (e/c) eyed girl sat down beside him and smiled brightly.

"Well, you see...I couldn't sleep so I decided to come here and then you showed up an-"
"_____." Silver interrupted, cutting off the girl's rambling. The (h/c) haired girl looked down and sighed.

"Sorry, Silv, I guessed I get carried away...hehehe" She laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head and averting her gaze. The red head sighed heavily and looked at _____.

"Go away." he stated, making the (h/c) haired girl frown.

"Ha! Stumped ya, didn't I?"
"Go. Away."
"Not until you sleep."
"...Fine you can stay-"
"YES!" _____ cheered, holding her arms up in the air and smiling widely. Silver almost immediately regretted the decision but continued nonetheless,

"On one condition," He continued, making sure the (h/c) haired girl was listening. _____ nodded and awaited for the red head to continue.

"You don't touch my hair. Ever again." _____ sighed heavily and nodded, holding her hand out.

"Fine, deal. Although Blue and I thought you looked adorable." she said, moving beside Silver so that the to were both leaning against the trunk if the tall tree. A long silence passed between the two; making the (e/c) eyed girl feel somewhat uncomfortable as the snow continued to fall down onto and around them. Chucking the red head a glance from the side, _____ decided to remain quiet for just a bit longer. As the girl averted her gaze away from him, Silver mimicked the girl's actions; shooting her quick glance before looking back towards the horizon.

"So..." _____ started, not able to bear the silence anymore.
"Do you like Blue, Silver?" she asked, watching him for a response. If the red head had a drink, it would be all over the floor right now however that was not the case.

"No." He stated rather coldly, not taking his stare away from the white horizon.

"Ya sure?"
"Do you like someone at all?"
"What's your name?"
"What the hell?!"
"Just answer it!" _____ shouted, waiting for a reply. Silver sighed heavily.

"What's a grey metal?"
"Who's lying to his best friend the whole wide world?"
"Silv- Hey! I'm not lying!" He defended, glaring at the (h/c) haired girl which resulted in her flinching somewhat.

"Yes you are, I can tell; you're not that unreadable." _____ explained, resting her head in the side of Silver's shoulder. The red head flinched at the sudden display of affection.

"W-what are you doing?" he asked, stuttering as he looked for words. ______ closed her eyes and sighed.

"Shut up, I'm tired and I want to sleep." she said, moving closer to the red head. Silver looked around nervously and sighed heavily.

"Fine..." he stated, watching the snow fall onto the ground. _____ smiled gently.

"Thank you, Silver." she whispered before falling asleep.
Yes, Silver was an insomniac and yes, he didn't fall asleep that night either but for him to have a moment like this; one where nothing could disturb this peaceful night or hurt him in any way, he felt genuinely happy and the tiredness seemed to melt away. He didn't mind _____'s company and if he had to stay like this all night, he didn't mind either; he would keep waiting here with her.

Until _____ fell asleep.
Ta-Da! Here it is!
This isn't in the typical style of inserts so... XD
For us people who don't have a Valentine, Silver here will be, (well at least in this)

And YES this Pokespe Silver and YES it is my first time writing for him so he might be a bit off but I'm okay with that so I hope you guys are too~
Hehehe headcanons inspired this.

If you would like a reader insert then just ask and I will see what I can do!
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Lucijohn Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
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We can fall asleep in Irish class together
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Aww, so cute-- ;w;

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GlitchEevee101 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  New member Student General Artist
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