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Serena’s face dropped into one resembling the emptiness of a blank canvas, feeling glad that the older woman couldn’t see her glaring through the orange tint of her glasses. Her hands quickly clenched into fists and the air in the room turned to one with not just the intimidation coming from Lysandre but also one with tension no thanks to the two women standing in the room. This was more of a way of covering up her shock, though, as one thought raced through her mind:
Wasn’t that the announcer lady from the Holo Caster?
Serena bit her tongue to stop that very question from slipping out, knowing fully well that she had to control what she said from now on otherwise there would be dire consequences.
Clearing his throat after noticing the tension, Lysandre stared back down at the girl with a serious expression on his face.

“This--” He gestured to the pink-haired admin with his left arm. “--is Malva. You might have seen her announcing special occasions and other news via the Holo Caster. She is a powerful and highly respected admin here, if not the most, therefore I expect you to treat her with the respect she deserves, no exceptions.”
So she was right, she had seen her before. The only difference was that, instead of her usual attire, Malva was wearing the standard female admin uniform with her usual pink-tinted reading glasses. To be completely honest, the skirt didn’t flatter her figure one bit; making her look like she could barely walk let alone sit down.
Serena watched in silence as Malva walked down the stairs and stood in front of the girl but a few metres away, a cocky smirk on her face and her eyes radiating a strong sense of power. The girl had to admit, she found this woman’s stare far more intimidating than Lysandre’s and she felt herself shudder a little as she watched the older female’s glare.

“Likewise, Malva, I expect you to train Serena to the best of your abilities to ensure she reaches the level of authority she deserves-- and, from what I can see, it rivals where you are or even surpasses it,” The leader continued before glancing down at something on his wrist and letting out a silent sigh. “I must leave now. I trust you to the task of seeing that she gets a tour of the base and making sure both of you attend the meeting.”
And, with that, the two women watched as Lysandre climbed up the stairs and exited through the door in which Malva entered through, holding a hand up as a farewell gesture before the door slid close with a loud slam.
The pink-haired admin let out a set of mocking laughs, leaning down so she was in front of the teenager’s face.

“Say, what made you, a trouble-maker like yourself, want to join us?” Her tone was acidic. “You have no idea how much time I lost doing stupid reports on you to the other members. You might not have met me personally, but I know you far better than you’d think; it’s like I’ve known you for years.”
Serena merely glared back at the woman, enraged at the fact that she not only invaded her space but addressed her in such an aggressive manner.

Somehow, the honey-haired girl knew she was going to hate this woman.

Seeing her intense glare, Malva let out a few more cackling laughs and placed her hands on her hips, a smirk playing on her lips.
“Such a fiery look in your eyes for a runt like you!” She exclaimed, standing up to her full height. “I hate that but I love it at the same time! That burning look that holds such anger and hatred towards myself for betraying society when you, girly, are no better than I! It’s sickening, really!”
The younger woman kept her mouth shut, still glaring up at her senior. She did have a point though, Serena was no better than her-- they were both traitors alongside the others in Team Flare.
Malva clapped her hands together and rubbed them, shooting the girl another smirk.

“Alright then,” She started walking towards the way Serena entered, her pace fast and her strides long. “Follow me and don’t lag behind, runt, because I’m not going to wait for someone like you.”


“Rooms, rooms, more rooms,” Malva stated in a bored manner, pointing to each door as they passed. “--more rooms. These are all rooms for those annoying, wannabe-admin grunts. You have no business in them so don’t go in any room other than yours unless instructed to do so, okay, runt?”
“My name--” “I know very well of your name, Serena Aurélie Leclair-Letov, now just shut it and keep up,”
The girl bit her lip, frowning deeply as she tried to hold down a frustrated noise and insult, and  continued to walk slightly behind but to the side of the pink-haired admin, her eyes taking in and memorising everything around her for future reference. They passed by several more dark grey doors, each bearing the same markings and overall design as the ones beside it.
At the end of the hall they were walking down, however, a somewhat larger door engraved with the emblem of their team glowing as if it was a light of sorts, forming a white and blinding blur in the girl’s view through the glasses. Clearing her throat slightly, Serena pointed to the door with her right hand.

“What’s that?” She asked blankly, earning herself the attention of her senior. Malva raised an eyebrow at let out a loud scoff, crossing her arms over her chest before turning back to face the door that stood mere metres away.
“Stupid little runt--” Malva stood in front of the door gestured upwards. “--the room behind me is the meeting room for the admins of Team Flare. In other words, only people with ranks like yours and mine can enter here if a meeting has been called by another admin, Dr. Xerosic or by Lysandre himself.”
Serena nodded, taking in the information as she tried to avoid looking up at the light as she did so. The older female continued to speak onwards.

“How do you know if there’s a meeting or if you can enter? The light-- our emblem-- will be turned on and is deliberately blinding through the glasses. If there is no light, the doors are locked and to enter when the light is on, you need to scan your card. Got that, runt?”
The honey-haired girl bit her lip briefly, trying to let the information sink in. “Yes…”
“Good! Now hurry up and get your ass into this meeting!” She instructed, flipping out her card that was hidden under her jacket and placing it against the small machine sticking out of the wall-- a beeping noise sounding a few times in succession before the door slid open loudly. Serena, who still held her card in her hands from before, following Malva’s lead and entering the room; having to lift her glasses up onto her head as she did so.

The room consisted of mainly a particular shade of white, the tiles large and shining as though they had been freshly polished and the walls seeming to have the same lustre as the floor and engraved hexagonal patterns that glowed flare orange. Starting from the middle of the room and ending just before the end wall was a long glass table lined with white plastic-- with eight modern-styled white armless chairs around it; three on each side and one at each end-- and a large space was left on the wall with a metal device of sorts sitting in the middle of the wall. Just to the sides and back from the chair closest to the wall was two small end tables with glass on top of them and in each corner of the room was a projected orange plant which resembled a large bush. Sitting in five of the eight chairs in different manners were people dressed exactly like them, indicating that they were also admins. The female admin sitting in the top right-hand chair had her arms crossed over the table and was staring down at the glass, a male admin was sitting beside her with his left leg lazily resting on top of his other, another male admin sat on the bottom-left chair and leant back with his arms stretching out briefly and the other was also male sitting in the chair that had his back facing them. The female admin had her flare orange hair cut to shoulders and was on the chubby side while all the men varied in weight sized but all remained either on the fit side or just over; all having their hair shaved completely off. They seemed to be chatting rather in a rather boisterous manner.
As the two women entered the room, the admins whipped the heads around, their conversation coming to complete stop as they eyed down the two, or rather Serena.

“And who’s this?”
FREAKING MALVA'S LINE. I LOVE THAT LINE SHE SAID SO MUCH I WAS ALL LIKE "JESSICA. YOU CAN STILL WRITE GOOD STUFF ;U;" (The line I'm talking about is the one where she's talking to Serena about her glare and being no better)

During the final confrontation at Team Flare's base, Calem leaves Serena on her lonesome to deal with the admins of Team Flare. Heartbroken and angry, she managed to defeat them with ease however, when it came to battling Lysandre them man suggested that the girl should join him to take revenge on her friends and to help pursue his team's ambitions. Serena, blinded by her emotions, agreed to join as an admin of Team Flare without a single thought or telling her friends and is now stuck within the ranks of this antagonistic organisation as their final plans start to be set into motion...

(Please note that this Serena is the main protagonist and not the rival ^^; )

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N-ugatory--Vibrato Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Writer
sneakykid21 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014

N-ugatory--Vibrato Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Writer

sneakykid21 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014

N-ugatory--Vibrato Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Writer

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